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About me

I have been an insurance adviser since 2020 after 12 years as an airline pilot. During my flying years I was the Medical & Welfare Director for the NZ Airline Pilots’ Association where I oversaw members’ insurances including disability and life cover. This experience, as well as having assisted in incident response following aircraft accidents, has helped me to understand how such events can affect a whole family and workplace as well.

I was born and raised in Christchurch before gaining my pilots licence and flying both in and around New Zealand and abroad. 


In my free time I like to get out and around Christchurch with my wife Kelly and son Van, while squeezing in as much mountain biking and running as I can. 

Andy Pender

What do I do?

Provide advice. While you can obtain insurance cover in a number of different ways – online, direct with an insurer, through a bank, none of these providers take the time to get to know you and provide advice on the cover that you need.


I am an insurance adviser for personal and business risk, I don’t advise on lending or investments, as I want to focus on one area and do it well. I have no ties to any insurer, which allows me to fit the best options of cover to your needs.

Accident cover

ACC is a world-class scheme, but it does have its limitations. It is only cover for injuries caused by accidents. This means that illnesses, wear and tear, and degeneration are specifically excluded in the legislation.


I can provide advice on a risk plan that encompasses ACC and makes sure you have the best cover to suit your needs.

Of the people requiring six months or more off work,

80% are due to illness, while only 20% are due to injuries.

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Claims promise

Ensuring that you have the correct insurance plan is important, but this is only tested when a potential claim occurs. It is my promise that I will be there at claim time to assist, so that the plan we have implemented is going to work out as advised, and expected.