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Chelsea Harkin

About me

I have been in the fire and general insurance industry since 2012. I started my journey as an office junior at a large loss adjusters, where I learned my trade. I then moved to underwriting and on to commercial broking where I honed my craft, working on more complex risks.


I then had the opportunity to join Plan and Protect with the aim of growing the business alongside Dan McKIrdy. 


Outside of my work commitments, I thoroughly enjoy fabric arts, swimming, and yoga.


Apart from the above, I love spending time with my two small children, Leo and Cora, and husband John.

What do I do?

Provide advice. While you can obtain insurance cover in a number of different ways – online, direct with an insurer, through a bank, none of these providers take the time to get to know you and provide advice on the cover that you need.


I am an insurance adviser for personal and business risk, including property, assets and liability. I have no ties to any insurer, but access to all insurers that are available to New Zealand insurance brokers.


This allows me to fit the best options of cover to your needs.

Why get advice?

Not all insurance policies are the same.

While a difference in policies may seem inconsequential, it can make a huge difference at claim time, as has been demonstrated during the Christchurch earthquakes, and other natural disasters around New Zealand.

We are able to provide you with the best policy to suit your specific needs, as well as explain the policy in plain english.

Claims promise

Ensuring that you have the correct insurance plan is important, but this is only tested when a potential claim occurs. It is my promise that I will be there at claim time to assist, so that the plan we have implemented is going to work out as advised, and expected.

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