Business insurance cover

Covering key people

In order to keep your business running, you need to be there. If faced with injury or illness you need to make sure that your business can continue to run by covering your income, the cost of a replacement, reducing debt, or bumping up cashflow. This provides some comfort that there is still a healthy, profitable business to come back to once you or your key people are back to fighting fit.

Protecting your shares

Protection for the ownership of your business means you can rest assured that if a shareholder in the company becomes seriously ill, can no longer work, or dies, the funds are available for an easy transfer of shares. This is important to - 

  • Pay the outgoing shareholder (or their family) what they are entitled to quickly

  • Retain control of the business by the remaining shareholders

  • Remove debts/guarantees on the exiting shareholder or their property

Staff cover

Whether its looking after a few key people or subsidising group health scheme for all of your staff, we can assist. Providing the best possible pricing and comparisons of cover, we are able to make sure you have the most appropriate options to choose from.


By purchasing insurance as a group, often more favourable terms and pricing can be obtained. This allows for your staff to have cover that they would otherwise not be able to obtain if they were to purchase insurance themselves. The major draw card of these terms is cover for all pre-existing conditions.


We also provide information to employees on what is covered, and advice on their own insurance arrangements, as well as on-going support at claim time.

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