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ACC and private income cover

What does ACC cover?

ACC is a world-class scheme for accident compensation. If you do suffer from an injury as a result of an accident, you are entitled to treatment, rehabilitation, and compensation until you return to work.


However it is important to remember that it is just that - accident cover.


This means that ACC provides no cover for;

  • Diseases

  • Illnesses

  • Most gradual onset conditions

  • Degeneration

  • Mental illness


This is where private income protection cover comes into its own.

ACC and private income cover

With personal income protection cover, you may be able to make changes to your ACC cover (for self-employed people). This may mean you can reduce you ACC levies and fill the gap with private cover, or choose to take more accident cover through ACC.


We can help you through this process and advise how ACC works with private insurance benefits so you can receive what you are entitled to in the event of a claim for injury or illness.

Benefits to combining cover

In most cases where income protection cover and ACC are combined, the savings made in reducing your liability with ACC can cover or significantly contribute towards the total cost of the income protection cover.

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