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Group insurance for business

Regardless if you are a small team or a large company, employer funded insurance is a great way to look after your people as well as being an integral part of a complete wellness package. 

There are four great benefits to setting up a plan:

Cover for pre-existing conditions

This is by far the most attractive proposition for your employees. When applying for retail health insurance, 92% of clients have at least one medical exclusion. This is a benefit that they are unable to get on their own.

Cover for families

Employees can add on their families at their own cost. This also covers all pre-existing conditions for them too - again, this is a benefit that they are unable to buy on their own.

Better premium rates

This is approximately a 10% discount on the standard retail rate when adding family members.

Access to advice

With the world of insurance being challenging for any individual, we are able to provide your employees with advice on the other areas of their insurance to make sure that it fits in with their current arrangements.

Group medical insurance

We pride ourselves on working in partnership with our clients. This means working with you to find the best cover, the best overall launch, and ongoing management.


We know that your employees make your business, and while they are looking after your clients, you want to look after them.


A quality insurance scheme has three main functions:


  • Retains and attracts employees

  • Provides a healthier workforce

  • Shows you care for your people and their families


We have provided a recommedation, as well as a range of options, that we believe would work for you.

Group life and disability insurance

More than just health cover, more and more companies are offering a full insurance plan that encompasses some or all of the following:

  • Income protection

  • Trauma cover

  • Total permanent disablement

  • Life cover


This is seen as a huge benefit for most employees, and like the health cover, shows that the business cares about the physical and financial wellbeing of their people.

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