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8 May, 2018

This year started off with a bang, or a break as it were. While holidaying in Nelson a mountain bike accident resulted in a broken arm for me.
 While this was potentially one of the least dramatic mountain bike crashes in the history of cycling, it still resulted in a fracture of my radius up near the elbow. 
 This wasn’t the start to the year that I had hoped for, but the way I had structured my insurance cover worked exactly as expected.  Read more...

16 June, 2017

If you take the time and go to Give a Little, click on the Health tab. Right now you will see 884 campaigns, heart-breaking campaigns, of people who need money to fight disease, get medical treatment, have surgery, or fulfill their final wishes.

Give a little is a fantastic platform that puts charity in the hands of everybody and allows for many people to support many individual causes - it’s the 2017 equivilent of a massive sausage sizzle. Read more...

1 February, 2017

While health insurance is often seen as a luxury, it is very important to ensure that diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation can happen as soon as possible so you can get on with your life. As one health insurer’s advertisement says - "The most precious thing you'll ever possess is your health", and they are correct. Read more...

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